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The interior of your cabin will be custom designed to your desire.

Here are a few examples of interior layouts.

You are responsible for arranging and hiring all contractors

(this includes plumbers, electricians and landscapers)

at the cabin site.

We do not furnish nor include those charges in our pricing.

This is the stairway up to the loft area available in larger cabins.



The smaller cabins have a ladder rather than a stairway.



This is an example of a kitchen area.



This is an example of a living room area.



This is an example of a bedroom and bathroom area.


Pictures show different cabin types and furnishings. Electric outlets are predrilled but electric and plumbing are the sole responsibilities of the buyer and are not included in the cabins. Kitchen/bath cupboards are available for additional purchase.



Cabins can be placed on a foundation or cement pillars.


28' X 16' Cabin with 8' X 16' porch on a foundation.



14' X 16' Cabin with 6' X 14' porch on pillars.



All cabins are hand made at an Amish Factory.


Cabins are made with white pine logs.



Interior of the factory.



Actual cabin floor being assembled.